a component based processor/assembler simulator running on Mac OS X
(current version simulates a sun sparc v8 architecture)

Cobass is a simulation environment for assembly language programming/hardware programming in courses like systems programming. The tool provides access and interactive display of:

an integrated GCC compiler permits the direct use of C source code with a fast compile/update cycle

Idee and implementation: Andreas Schweizer, Studiengang Informatik
Term project: "Semesterarbeit" in summer 2001
Rating: Most outstanding performance in software construction (Prof. Thomas M. Stricker)

1. Usage: Install cobass on your own Mac OS X machine

Download Installation Image of Cobass: cobass.dmg [66MB]
Download Documentation: [2MB]
(the large size is due to the complete version of the gcc cross-compiler for SPARC included)

2. Usage: Use COBASS on one of the five Mac G4 Cubes in IFW D35.
(many thanks to Apple Computer Switzerland for the generous donation!)

user: sysprog
password: sysprog

temporary storage space:

12GB volume MtXXXX-Scratch

permanent storage space:

access to your AFS/NETHZ space from a terminal window
a shell terminal window is available in the Mac OS X Dock
get your AFS token with klog <nethz-user> <passwd>
copy your files from /Users/Sysprog or /MtXXXX-Scratch to AFS

cobass application

the cobass simulator and all demo examples are preinstalled and accessible in the OS X Dock