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Computer Systems Performance Analysis
and Benchmarking
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This page will contain all information about the course such as: time, place, lecture notes or information on homework/excercises and class projects. It will be updated continually as more information becomes available.

News Topics:

  • 30.01.03: Exam date: Not defined yet.
  • 30.01.03: Details on the 2003 exam.
  • 10.08.02: First Lecture: Thursday 24.10.02 9:15-11:00, RZ F21.
  • Lecture Announcement

Lecturer / Projects:

Christian Kurmann, Laboratory for Computersystems,
ETH Zürich / RZ H16, kurmann@inf.ethz.ch

Lecture Notes and Working Assignments:

Student Projects and Working Groups:

Requirements for credit/Testatbedingungen:

  • Participation in 2/3 of the discussions in Uebungsstunden.
  • Reasonable effort in the project.


  • Details on the 2003 exam.
  • 15 minute oral exam (can be extended to 25min) about:
    • Contents of the book chapters covered
    • Results of your project
    • English or German - pick your favorite language

Projects due:

  • 10 days before the exam.


  • Entry in the course catalog (37-235)
  • Entry in the lecture schedules of WS2001/2002 (37-235 V/U/P)

Departement Informatik der ETH Zürich
Feb 2003
Christian Kurmann, < kurmann@inf.ethz.ch >
former by Thomas M. Stricker, < tomstr@acm.org >