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Our CoPs-Project investigates architectural and operating system support for parallel and distributed computing on PC clusters interconnected with a Gigabit/sec network.

CoPs Project overview

For this experimental project in computer systems we are looking for the optimal structure, the best efficiency and the highest performance of low level system-software for communication in parallel- and distributed systems. In particular we are investigating a network of PCs with serveral different high speed interconnects (GigabitEthernet, SCI and Myrinet). Our experimental testbed under construction is built from commodity components such as DELL PPro/PII PCs and gigabit/s networking adapters connected over a PCI bus. It is a particular challenge to keep the hardware mainstream enough to benefit from the terrific cost/performance ratios seen in todays PC markets, but to do it in a way, that the characteristics of the systems are good enough to make a distributed system with parallelism worthwhile.

CoPs Project members

Current (future) projects in CoPs

  • Distributed Object Packages for CoPs and their performance (CORBA and other Frameworks).
    Contact: Christan Kurmann.
  • Database Middleware for CoPs and its performance.
    Contact: Michela Taufer.
  • Network File Systems for CoPs.
    Contact: Felix Rauch.

Past projects in CoPs

  • Performance characterization and modelling for a scientific application (Opal) on Cray J90 and Clusters of PCs.
    Contact: Michela Taufer. Published in Supercomputing 98.
  • A comparative study of Gigabit Networking Technologies for PCI bus based PCs.
    Contact: Christan Kurmann. Published in SCI Europe 98.

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Fast CoPs , slow CoPs, good CoPs, bad CoPs .... our prototypes and our project facilities

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