VNC-Viewer for Oberon

Jörg Kreienbühl

Semester Project Summer 1999
Supervisor: Pieter Muller
Institute for Computer Systems, ETH Zürich


With a VNC-Viewer, it is possible to look at the framebuffer of a remote VNC-Server and send keyboard or mouse commands to it. The VNC-Server is a fully functional X-Server. With this setup it is possible to operate X programs from Oberon. Because the viewer is stateless, it can be stopped and restarted on another computer or even in a web browser with the server and applications still running.


The Oberon VNC Viewer implements the full VNC-Protocol, except for the color palette fetures, which are still beta. It supports several true color screen modes and requests an appropriate mode from the server. 8 bit palette color is supported by translating.

All mouse commands for cut-and-paste between Oberon and X are implemented, and it it is possible to have multiple viewers or even gadgets.

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October 20, 1999