Clusters of PCs
Multi-Boot and Multi-Purpose?

Research Cluster

Characteristics of a Research Cluster

Education Cluster

Characteristics of an Education Cluster

“Multimedia Collaborative Work”

Characteristics MultimediaWorkstations



The Right Operating System

System Software

Common Problem

The Patagonia Project

Patagonia Installation

Patagonia Installation II

Patagonia Auto Configuration

Security in Patagonia

Boot-Manager: System Commander

Accounts for UNIX and Windows

Maintenance with CAT

Analytic Model for Data Distribution

Active Nodes / Topologies

Tools for Partition-Cast

Experimental Setup


Data Streaming Results

Evolution of Software Installations

Characteristics of Installations

Incremental Images in Repository

Incremental Repository Results

Alternatives to Multiboot

Micro Kernel with OS adaption layers

VMWare™:Low Level Virtual Machines


Published Papers


Clusters of PCs