Swiching between Linux and Windows


Please don't just switch off power, make a clean shutdown as follows. Otherwise, the filesystem may get corrupted! If the screen is black, check first if the machine is currently running (it usually is) by switching the monitor on and/or moving the mouse.


If the machine is currently running Windows:
  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL
  2. Click on Shut Down...
  3. Select Shutdown and Restart and click OK


If the machine is currently running Linux:
  1. Click on the Shutdown now! button in the lower left corner of the login screen (you should probably check first if somebody is currently using the machine by clicking on the finger button)


When the machine reboots, select the operating system of your choice in the System Commander with the up and down arrow keys.

An intact filesystem appreciates your efforts!

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Last change: 17 Mar 1998