Distributed Filesystem for a Cluster of PCs with Myrinet

Andreas Fleuti

Diploma Thesis Summer 2000
Supervisors: Felix Rauch, Prof. T. Stricker
Institute for Computer Systems, ETH Zürich


In this work, an existing prototype of a driver was extended. This new driver allows a distributed access on remote primary or secondary memory, using the Myrinet Network. Accessing these remote secondary memories in parallel allows a high throughput.

The Myrinet Network used in this work achieves a throughput up to 1.28 GBit/s. Each Myrinet Network card has a programmable RISC processor and three independent DMA's. This releases the main processor.

In a first step, the existing prototype was analyzed, completely redesigned and the none existing access to secondary memory was implemented. The main focus was throughput and scalability.


In a second step, the new features of the prototype was compared to the achievements of the older prototypes. The new prototype has a significantly higher throughput but it doesn't scale well. There are two bottlenecks, interrupt handling and the Buffer-Cache-system of the Linux Kernel, both limiting the system throughput, but the second one is normally dominant.
For both bottlenecks, there must be an indirection in order to improve throughput and scalability. This could be done in a continuing work.

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Date 3.8.2000