Distributed Shared Memory mit Myrinet

Christopher Vinckier

Diploma Thesis Summer 1998
Supervisors: Assistant, Prof. T. Stricker
Institute for Computer Systems, ETH Zürich


Using high-end PCs for parallel computing requires a high bandwidth interconnect with a low latency. Communication software is not evolving at the same pace of the hardware and current protocol stacks do not suffice when using such high speed networks for parallel computing. This thesis examines the expansion of the Message Passing Library to allow communication over a Myrinet network. Beside the Message Passing Model used in parallel computing, which has proved itself to be efficient and is a well understood tool for writing parallel programs, distributed shared memory constitutes an alternative approach. A study has been made of a remote deposit mechanism that is optimized for different kinds of access patterns. By means of this mechanism, whole regions of memory can be transmitted to a second workstation via the Myrinet-LAN-adapter making use of the coprocessor on the NIC to scatter the data. Several APIs are available to drive the communication hardware. An own implementation has been created to allow Zero-Copy-communication at rates of up to 120 MB/sec.

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