MPEG Transcoding with CORBA Distributor Service

Urs Hardegger

Semester Thesis Winter 2001/2002
Supervisors: Christian Kurmann, Prof. T. Stricker
Institute for Computer Systems, ETH Zürich


As a prototype of a data intensive application for our highly efficient zero copy software system that circumvents data copies while communicating, an MPEG Transcoder that decodes a video stream from a frame grabber or a DVD and encodes it to MPEG4, a highly efficient coding standard, was implemented. The encoding is done in parallel on a cluster of PCs while the interface to the encoder is totally transparent. A Distributor Service implemented with CORBA allows the load balancing, data distribution and parallelization of the task.


The Distributor Service is a new CORBA-Service that allows the asynchronous distribution of calls and data packets The service contains a configurable Load Balancer and supports dynamic sign in and sign off of servers. On top of the service a framework was designed to allow the distribution and processing of data packets. The MPEG Transcoder relies on this framework and allows real time (or faster) MPEG4 encoding on a cluster of PCs. The resulting stream can be broadcasted to a huge number of clients.

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