The COPS project

Memory System Performance 
of High End SMPs, PCs and Clusters of PCs


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Author: Christian Kurmann   Email:  

Table of Contents

Memory System Performance of High End SMPs, PCs and Clusters of PCs  

Memory Systems   


Extended Copy Transfer Characterization  

Measurement Problems  

Local Load Access: Pentium Pro PC  

Local Load Access: SGI Origin  

Local Load Access: DEC 8400  

Local Load Access: Sun Enterprise  

Local Load Access: SGI Cray T3E  

Comparison - Local Access  

Performance in an SMP setting  

Local Copy: Pentium Pro SMP  

Local Copy: SGI Origin CC-NUMA   

Local Copy: DEC 8400 SMP  

Local Copy: Sun Enterprise SMP  

Remote in Parallel Computers  

Remote Transfers: CoPs Pentium Pro with SCI / Myrinet  

Remote Transfers: SGI Origin  

Remote Transfers: DEC 8400  

Remote Transfers: SGI Cray T3E  

Comparison - Remote Transfers  

Improvement of PC Chipsets  



ICS [Laboratory for Computersystems], DINFK [Dept. of Computer Science], ETHZ [Swiss Institute of Technology]   

Maintained by Christian Kurmann