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Switcherland is a modular computer architecture that easily scales from low-end to high-end systems. Switcherland's main feature is a quality of service (QoS) architecture that covers all levels of a distributed system, hardware as well as software. Switcherland uses a novel communication infrastructure based on switches that can be used as an I/O interconnection structure as well as a cluster interconnection structure. The ''natural'' programming model offered by a global memory architecture and the real-time support provided in the form of QoS guarantees make Switcherland an ideal platform for distributed applications that process continuous data such as video and audio data in addition to traditional non-continuous data.

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Principal Investigators

Hans Eberle (eberle@inf.ethz.ch)
Erwin Oertli (oertli@inf.ethz.ch)
Peter Ryser

Technical Staff

Immo Noack (noack@inf.ethz.ch)
Albert Weiss (weiss@inf.ethz.ch)


Michaela Blott
Daniel Scherrer
Patrick Saladin
Gerold Lienert


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